Extensive experience of working on large scale residential projects

JDA have extensive experience in the project and technical systems required to deliver a range of residential projects. JDA can provide design expertise in utilities infrastructure requirements, technical risks, sustainability strategy and implementation of new and innovative technologies. Prospective clients can be assured that their aspirations for the development will be reflected in a concise, project specific design documentation that is sympathetic to architectural design and budget. Our design engineers are always looking at ways to improve the efficiency of developments, thinking of the future but in an economically practical way.


Specialist Expertise

Sustainability and energy strategies

Power infrastructure and utility liaisons

Planning support and feasibility studies

Commercial MEP risk and value analysis

Heat networks and sustainable energy systems

Recent Projects

2022 | Essex, UK

Developed stage 2 building services strategy document, highlighting the key areas that would need to be considered for

2022 | Essex, UK

The building services scope of works for this project included utilities coordination and RIBA Stage 4 house designs for multiple house types.

2022 | London, UK

Review the installation of the building services systems.

2022 | Herts, UK

Mechanical and electrical services for new residential dwelling including renewable technologies and no mains gas connection

2022 | Hampshire, UK

RIBA Stage 2 & 3, MEP services for new residential dwelling, including solar elements.

2022 | London, UK

Mechanical, Electrical and Public Health services, conversion of retail and office space to restaurant/guest accommodation.

2021 | Hampshire, UK

Mechanical and electrical services for new residential dwelling including renewable technologies.

2020 | Southwark, UK

Mechanical, electrical and Public Health services for new residential mixed development, consisting of houses and flats.