Specialists in strategic planning, procurement, design and project management of mission critical systems

JDA specialise in the Strategic Planning, Technical Procurement, Design and Project Management of Mission-Critical systems, ensuring lean, efficient and technically sound data centre facilities. Emphasis is placed upon commercial requirements of the client to ensure maximum value is achieved. This would include availability requirements, timescales and operating costs for both new and existing systems. JDA work on a variety of Mission-Critical data centre projects from small stand-alone projects to large scalable facilities at locations all over the world.


Specialist Expertise

Sales technical support and customer engineer liaison / Specific knowledge of Hyperscale requirements

Due diligence design reviews

Procurement Technical Support

Technical risk evaluation

Data Centre optimisation reviews / Energy and resiliance

Internal and external CFD assessments

Availability calculations

Root cause analysis

Weather and climate analysis

Adaptive PUE calculation

BMS core network design / Technology Infrastructure / Systems renewal

Asset management procurement Design strategy and solution

Feasibility studies

Recent Projects

2023 | UK

MEP design, through stages 4 and 5, with ongoing site support during the construction phase and commissioning support at stage 6

2023 | Netherlands

Fit-out design for 13.5MW data hall space within the existing shell building, including Stage 3 design for data halls, plant yards and office spaces, stage 4 & 5 review of GC design proposals and site inspections

2023 | UK

Develop a new design based on Hyperbloc principles, to a target CAPEX for 40MW

2023 | UK

Design work and site support works necessary through to RFS for a 30MW Facility, designed to a target CAPEX budget

2023 | Europe

High level review of existing design and key capital plant specifications

2022 | Middle East

Scheme design of an 80MW data centre facility in the Middle East

2022 | UK

Adaption of an 18MW facility to meet the requirements of multiple end user

2022 | UK

Stage 1 Scheme design 48MW deployment in London

2022 | UK

Renewal of MV/ LV Power Infrastructure for a data centre

2022 | Europe

Calculation of  high level heat gains/losses for a MV Switchroom container, analysis focusing on the external environmental heat gains and losses

2022 | UK

Visual survey of the existing fire suppression systems in place, assess compliance with  regulations and propose new systems based on the risk level of each space

2022 | Europe

Review of recorded hourly temperatures over 30-yr period (1991-2021) to better understand applicability of the current ASHRAE 2021 dry bulb temperatures in data centre cooling design

2022 | UK

11kV Generator replacement project for a data centre and research facility 

2022 | UK

Design of data centre to support the UK Government

2022 | UK

Design of a telecoms node, strategically important to the City of London

2021 | Central Pacific

Scheme design if a landing facility in the central pacific region

2021 | UK

Adaption of an 18MW London Slough scheme to meet end users requirement

2021 | UK

London Slough Scheme design Block redundant 18MW RIBA Stage 3

2020-21 | Ireland

Dublin Redesign from Distributed Redundant to Block Redundant, 13.5MW RIBA/BSRIA Stage 4 to completion

2020 | Ireland

Permitting and scheme design for 27MW site in Amsterdam. Included feasibility and sustainability studies

2020 | UK

4.8MW Project, London Powergate (Distributed Redundant)

2019 | Netherlands

3MW RIBA/BSRIA Stage 4 design & Stage 5 activities in Amsterdam (Distributed Redundant)

2018 | UK

4.5MW RIBA/BSRIA Stage 3 design in London Slough (Distributed Redundant)

2018 | UK

Development of two DC sites in Slough with SEGRO Day Final Capacity 36MW

2018 | Netherlands

9MW and 4.5MW 
RIBA/BSRIA Stage 4 design in Amsterdam

2017 | Netherlands

Permitting and scheme design for 27MW site in Amsterdam. Included feasibility and sustainability studies

2017 | Ireland

Permitting and scheme design for 54MW DC Site in Dublin, inc. feasibility and sustainability studies. Leading to scheme design for 4.5MW

2016 | Europe

Adaption of a US design to the European Market. Included a 9MW Scheme, 4.5MW Scheme and direct procurement of all large plant